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During the last 13 weeks I’ve had my Right Cataract operation in December, my Left Cataract operation in January, and finally, in order to help my peripheral vision, the clinically needed Blepharoplasty operation on both eyes in March.
These three procedures have resulted in an amazing improvement in my sight, as everything is now vibrant, colourful and sharp.
As an elderly patient Mr Spiteri, I can’t thank you enough for your explanation, expertise and encouragement at every stage, right up to having the sutures removed today.

(Mrs A. Moody - Cataract and blepharoplasty)

If, like me, you have been told that you have cataracts, surgery is inevitable. I was offered the choice of three types of lens, just plain, then I would still have to wear prescription glasses. The next would be bi focal and again I would have to wear glasses for some things or tri focal/ multi vision lens and be glasses free! Mr Spiteri carefully talked me through the options and confirmed I was suitable for the multi focal lens and explained the issues with head lights having halos etc. Just a week after the second surgery I have excellent vision, colours are so much brighter, my vision is so sharp, and the clarity is amazing. I was worried I would feel unbalanced or dizzy whilst getting used to my new lens, but after the initial blurriness from the surgery I have been able to just do all the things I want. Headlights are just not a problem and I know that neurologically this improves over time. I am no longer looking for my glasses, sitting on them or losing them. Mr Spiteri and his team provided excellent care and I was well informed throughout the process. I would thoroughly recommend the multi focal lenses, after all if you are going to have surgery why not have the best possible outcome.

(Mrs E. Stewart - Cataract and multifocal lens replacement)

For anyone feeling nervous regarding laser surgery my experience was excellent with Mr Spiteri. He made me feel very relaxed and I had full confidence in him which has been borne out by the results , returning my sight to almost 20/20 . Be encouraged.

(Mrs M. Lewin - YAG laser capsulotomy)

I write further to my treatment last Friday (5th Oct '20). I want to put on record how grateful I am. The treatment has really transformed my vision and I am seeing with great clarity after a rapid deterioration in my eye sight over the last 12 months. Most important I should also mention the treatment was totally painless (YAG laser Capsulotomy). The only downside is looking in the mirror where many wrinkles and blemishes which I was unaware of have suddenly appeared! Once again very many thanks.

(Mr K King - YAG laser capsulotomy)

Many thanks for the good news about my eyes… and as always, many, many thanks, many times over for your great work on my eyes. If your ears burn, it’s because I am seeing my face in the mirror and appreciating your great work – fantastic!

(Mrs A. Hamilton, St Brelade - YAG laser capsulotomy)

Thank you for all your care and attention. You have restored by eyesight.

(Mr M. Moon, St John - Cataract lens replacement and YAG laser capsulotomy)

Thank you for giving me back my eyesight. I appreciate all you have done for me. I am incredibly grateful for all your kindness and expert treatment.

(Mrs L. Baylee, St Saviour - Cataract and lens replacement)

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